Today our weather is blowing, raining and a temperature +6 grade. That’s what we can say is our summer weather right now 🙁 But it´s perfect weather to be in the sewing room and made some planing. I had to think out exact what fabrics I going to use in my PIF, a pincushion in Linda’s pincushion swap, a quilt present to a friend in a  Swedish quilt group and last on is my giveaway I will send away. Picture of the package will come later..

Now of for the dinner 😉

Take care!

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Now had my daughter draw a winner and it´s so exacting to see…

I wounder who it could be! First I ´ll thanks you all for your visit and you comment in here. I had never thought it should be so many..Hugs to you all..

An now we want to see the winner and this is the lucky winner…

Congratulation Lissa from Australia

If you mail me your post address,  I´ll send you the Secret gift..

Take care everyone

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Now it is closed to sign up for my Secret giveaway. The time had just past midnight here in Sweden and I´m going to sleep. But tomorrow or later today I´ll draw a winner..

Good luck to you all!


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