Yesterday I took the car and drove to my friend Stina. One of the girls in our sewing group have her  50 years birthday. We had some small surprised gifts with us .. That was some nice hour we got at Lotta and we get lovely cakes..  Before we went away, Stina and I got a little chat time with a good cup of tea and sandwich …

Thanks Stina for good company!


In a previous post I showed you what happened in sewing room and here is results.

A small quilt to my friend who turned 50 years ..


I wish you all a nice weekend!


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found little joy to sew. It was probably a good idea to clean up in here and fix a little bit … 🙂 So on my table right now you can find some little secret gifts that are made .. I can show you a little peek, but that’s all I can get 😉


I got my SSCS friend 2009 at Chookyblues swap this weekend so now I must read my secret friends blog and find out little about her so I can start to made some  secret gift to her 😉  But first I must finish those secret I have already begin with..

Take care!


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Yes I´m still here but have no time to sew…

Last week I began to clean up and move on in my sewing room. Last spring when we were at IKEA, I bought a cupboard that could be converted into a workstation, but there was no time to do it .. not until last week when I decided that now is the time to do something about my messy sewing room .. .
My DH screwed put the white cupboard and another bookcase that I bought at our  holiday .. So now I’m on track to get it a bit better but its not clear 😉 Must sew new curtains for the room, moving some things on the wall to make a working wall but little has happened and yet I am not ready. Must buy some Journal of storage boxes, baskets and more …

Here are a few photos of what I do during the day, forgot to take some pictures before. But there is great change say the rest of the family:))



Thanks for dropping by and take care of you and your family!


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