Finally it’s time to go away to Norway and Trondheim to have the course with Leanne Beasley and Gail Pan at Quiltegården .. Tomorrow, Thursday, Stina and I go to Louise. On Friday we go to Norway .. As we have longed for many months and now it is already time … With me, I have this pile of fabrics .. what it should be I do not know but we’ll see:)


Have started my gifts to my Secret angel swap friend and here you have a little look at what happens 🙂


What more have I done…Yes I have helped my daughter to lay out here fabrics for the quilt top and she is almost done with here stitchery too.. So when I came home from Norway we will start to sew together the pieces…


Now it’s time to sleep for tomorrow, it will be a long and nice day …

Have fun!


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Last fall I write about the school I had started. Last week I started the course 2 of which I did last fall .. It was nice to meet all new classmates who come from all of  Sweden .. At our meeting last week we made a study visit with guided tour at Umedalens sculpture park ..


What did we more? We had a workshop there we have 3 options to work with fabrics. One of them was to shrink a fabric (50cm*50cm) with needle and thread  to a size of 20 cm x 20 cm. That was no problem but to do it the opposite ie to make a piece of  fabric on the 25cm x 25cm to double the size was more difficult 😉 Some of my classmates did  great work 🙂
uppgifter1That was my last week and this week that comes I have a lot of schoolwork to do and  continue with my secret gifts to a couple of friends ..
Thanks for dropping by…

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Yesterday I took the car and drove to my friend Stina. One of the girls in our sewing group have her  50 years birthday. We had some small surprised gifts with us .. That was some nice hour we got at Lotta and we get lovely cakes..  Before we went away, Stina and I got a little chat time with a good cup of tea and sandwich …

Thanks Stina for good company!


In a previous post I showed you what happened in sewing room and here is results.

A small quilt to my friend who turned 50 years ..


I wish you all a nice weekend!


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