Yes I´m still here but have no time to sew…

Last week I began to clean up and move on in my sewing room. Last spring when we were at IKEA, I bought a cupboard that could be converted into a workstation, but there was no time to do it .. not until last week when I decided that now is the time to do something about my messy sewing room .. .
My DH screwed put the white cupboard and another bookcase that I bought at our  holiday .. So now I’m on track to get it a bit better but its not clear 😉 Must sew new curtains for the room, moving some things on the wall to make a working wall but little has happened and yet I am not ready. Must buy some Journal of storage boxes, baskets and more …

Here are a few photos of what I do during the day, forgot to take some pictures before. But there is great change say the rest of the family:))



Thanks for dropping by and take care of you and your family!


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This week, the first free pattern come through Helen’s Stitching Angels .. This year I have actually gone with the swap, which is assigned a secret friend. For her I’ll make 3 home made things and send before the end of October .. It will be so fun .. Who is my secret friend, I can not reveal, but she do not live in Sweden 😉

Last year, I was involved in Chooky Blue’s SSCS (secret Santa Christmas swap) and, of course, I could not fail this year also:) So now I have really what I do in the fall ..

Know that a few more exchanges closer to Christmas but it is fun also ..

When we were on holiday, I found some fabrics together with more fabrics, it’s going to get 2 pieces of baby blankets. An order which should be ready by Christmas … Yeah do you think I have to do : O)


Take care!


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Now we are finally home after our completely wonderful  holidays with our caravan. We have traveled around the country and kingdom, but it’s been good ..  We have visited Sundsvall, Hudiksvall, Uppsala, Linköping, Örebro, Köping and a few more towns..The weather has been good all the time with sun and heat.  We have seen a lot and these photos is  some of our tours.


Uppsala Domkyrka

gotakanal GötaKanal


Linköping´s old town  and Cloetta chocolate museum

And the last trip  my DH wants  to do,  was a visit at our Swedish whiskey distillery  Mackmyra in Gävle


It was a long post about our vacation 😉 but it has been a wonderful time!


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