{It was a while ago . . . }

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I came here on the blog and updated : ( It has not happened so much here really. sewing machine and fabrics have been resting properly 😉  Have spent many evenings and working voluntarily in Friskis & Svettis and it will be enough, all this month also .

But now to something more fun. Also this year, Sinta and Sherri  arrange a challenge called Another Year of Schnibbles. I was  included in their previous project, Le Petite, last year. Unfortunately I did not do all the 12-month project but there are plans to maybe catch them this year. But anyway, I’ve working in the sewing room for a few days and  make the January pattern – Full House by Carrie.  Unfortunately, nothing goes well but eventually I got the help from my friend Laila. Thank you so very much! Then it went so perfect to make some cute little house and them will become a pillow later this weekend.  But I finish the top 🙂

Now time for bed and I promise it´ll not take so long time before I update next time 😉

Take care!


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4 thoughts on “{It was a while ago . . . }

  1. I’m sorry you had problems with the piecing ~ mea culpa to be sure. I hope you’ll forgive me for that. 🙂

    But I’m also glad you persevered because your little houses are beautiful. I love the fabrics you chose and the color palette ~ they’re perfectly wonderful. 🙂

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