The weekend got to fast and I started with some small project that I had on mine list 🙂 First of all to made me a new little wallet to the summer. But it in the end I did two and now I hope they works well to use the credit cards and money ..

I also started to sew a Tilda doll to one of my friend but forgot to take photo but it´ll came when the doll is ready 😉
At last Christmas a got a layer cake, Moda´s Rouenneries French Generals.  I had no idea what to to do with this one but yesterday when I look at some Homespun magazines I found a pattern and got the idea to use this layer cake.. So at Stina I put my fabrics up at her design wall and now I know what I will do this week between my work and homework 🙂

I also got my block from blocks switching between Louise and Stina .. Last week, I know that Louise was his block and it will be so exciting to see what she puts together with them .. Many thanks to you ladies of the only blocks … I hope you have time to continue to fall.

That was all for now. I wish you all a great week….

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5 Thoughts on “{ weekend update no. 2 }

  1. Louise on 31 maj 2010 at 4:20 said:

    Vilka fina väskor/plånböcker du har sytt! Och din Rouennes quilt kommer att bli super!
    Oj vilken trevlig och produktiv helg ni har haft. Kul!
    Självklart har jag tid för mera till hästen, hoppsan! eller hösten!!

  2. Promise to share your progress with the quilt..:O)))

  3. Dere må nok ha stor kost dere i helgen.
    Så fine blokker dere har byttet, blir nesten misunnelig på dere 🙂
    Dere velger bestandig så lekre farger.

  4. Sikken en masse fint i dette innlegg. Lykke til med dine prosjekter :O)

  5. Love your little wallets! I just found your blog from Judith’s website, you do lovely work 🙂 Those little wallets would make great gifts… 🙂 This week I am hoping to find time to make some mini gifts…
    Nice to meet you,


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