This weekend I had sent some my time with my wonderful friend Stina….and I think the photos can speak what we have done  😉

In February and March we had our birthdays, but much happened in our lives that made it took a while before we could give our gifts to each other. But this weekend when I came home to Stina it was time to give each other gifts ..

Of course, I forgot to photograph the gifts that I gave to Stina but if you look in to her and you’ll see them 😉

This is my wonderful birthday present…

a little update on what has happened this weekend. More to come tomorrow ….

Take care!

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2 Thoughts on “{ some photo update from here…}

  1. Good morning … thanks for the weekend… it was just PURE FUN all days!! Need more of those… :o)
    We was busy…wasnt we..:o)))
    Loved to see your pictures.. everything looks so different looking through another persons view..:o)
    Happy you showed Louise blocks… they look fantastic too…

  2. Hejsan!
    Så fina saker ni gett varan och så trevligt ni haft det! Jag är riktigt avundsjuk ;o))
    Produktiv tror jag också ni var….
    Massor av kram till dig från Kristina i Arjeplog


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