This weekend we had our sewing weekend her at my house..weekend has been absolutely wonderful. I have been spending time with my stitching friends. The sad thing was that Stina could not spend the weekend with us because of the cold. But with today’s technology, she could spend time with us through the web camera..

I photographed a bit over the weekend but unfortunately not as much as I usually do, but some pictures of how we had can you see here :))


This is some of the project that I took with the camera..Kristina sorry that I missed to shoot at what you did …syhelg2

A big Thanks to you girls for a very nice weekend and thanks to Stina that you could spend some time too 🙂


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3 Thoughts on “{ lots of fun this weekend ;-) …..

  1. Thankyou for a most wonderful time… glad I could join in my own way..:o) So happy it worked!!!
    Love how the flower became!!! Looks super !!!
    Have to go to bed now… will contact you another day.. time ran out on me… sorry… Must up and help Lars with the snow tomorrow.. See you…

  2. Thank you so much for a lovely weekend with lotäs of laughs, wounderful food, good company and lot’s of sewing!

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