{Spring Sewing party…}

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This weekend it is Spring Sewing Party over at Charming Chatter

I´ll try to sew as much I can between all the party’s this weekend 🙂
So have some fun and sew as much you could 😉

Take care!



The time  is 12.15  pm here in Sweden and I just arrived in my sewing room 🙂
I´m late after that I had been awake almost all night with a daughter who had stomach flu.
Now we hope to avoid that but you never know 😉

So I´ll update you what I found in my sewing room that needs to be done…
First I´ll put a border around this little quilt …


After that I´ll do something whit this fabrics…


more updates about that will come later today 😉
Now it´s time for me to start the

Spring Sewing Party!!!

See you later and good luck to everyone :))

4.00 pm

Now it’s time for my brother’s 40-year party. So my little sew party continues on Sunday as well,
but this is what I  did before it was time to get ready ..
Hope you all others who have been on Spring Sewing party has had time for many enjoyable hours of sewing ..
now I’m going to take me to tour all of you and see:)


Tomorrow it´ll bee more update here from me…

Thank for the Spring Sewing party!

it was fun and hope it´ll be more time for something like this 🙂

Take care!


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18 thoughts on “{Spring Sewing party…}

  1. I hope your daughter is feeling better. It’s terrible to feel rotten and when it’s your baby it’s even worse.
    Love your project. I’m big on stars and the needlework looks wonderful!

  2. Ohhh… poor Jennifer..hope she is better today!! Give her a big hug… :o)
    Good luck with your wonderful projects… hmm wonder what you are going to do with all the wonderful fabrics???

  3. Oh your patchwork is turning out so lovely! And I really like those colors of fabric in your second picture.
    Linda in Calif.

  4. I hope you get a better day today ,Sunday, so you can go on with your quilts.The fabrics give you some opportunities.

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