Last week I sew two tablemats to my aunt who is going to visit my parents..I gave my mother this table mats at mothers day and she likes them alot and want to give my aunt same..


In June Mr´s Martins had her cyberstitchingday but I had no time to start with the project then, that I got in my mailbox..But now I have start to stitching the small project, a needle pincushion..


So this is whats happens for me in my sewing room but I have sitting out side to in the sunny weather last week and of course I have also sitting in our conservatories when it has raining..

Take care!


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3 Thoughts on “{ This is what I´m doing… }

  1. Lovely Marica… :o)
    So you have started your Cyber project.. will be exciting to see how it turns out.. mine is still in the bag.. sigh!!!! :o) Good luck!!

  2. Så fine de er ! Nydelige farver :o)

  3. Oh wow Marica-them table mats are delightful, what a fantastic job,gotta run want too go see more of your site,cheers Vickie


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