I’m looking for a fabric for my daughter who makes Rutie´s quilt by  Leanne Beasly. It is made of Moda by 3 sisters, Simplicity, and now we need a fat quarter or a half meter of the pink fabric, tones on tones with flower. Is it any one of you quilters out there in the world who knows where I can  find it or who might like to make a ”swap”change with me 😉
We would be so happy if we can find more of this fabric .. at this link you can see which one it is Fabric

She made a lovely stitching at this fabric and I had help her to cut all the pieces to the quilt and I know this will be an lovely quilt when she is done..

Now it´s time for bed and listen to the rain out side the window 🙂

Take care!


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3 Thoughts on “{ I am looking for a fabric .. }

  1. Så vackert tyg och så vackra saker. 🙂
    Åh vad jag gillar färgerna!!!

    M I N D I

  2. Hmmm.. Om jag det visste… Men ska kolla och se om jag kan hitta det någonstans… Måste hon ha alla lika??? Kan det användas något liknande?? Lycka till.. Jennifer.. det kommer att bli fantastiskt!!! :o)

  3. Ann-Christin i Svalöv on 02 augusti 2009 at 21:50 said:

    I love your choice of fabrics.


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