About two weeks I sent this cute pincushion away to a swap partner in Sandra’s pincushion summer swap. But I have not heard any thing if it has come safe to my swap partner but I hope so 😉


This is a patterns from Janelle Winds  and it was really fun to do..We have a wonderful weather and the temperature is very warm so the inspiration is zero.. So you feel not to do any thing at all then just relaxing 🙂

That was some small words from me but I hope you all out there feels fine….

Take care!


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5 Thoughts on “{ I wonder if ……}

  1. What a cute pincushion you made for your swap-partner.
    Hope you soon will hear from the recepient!
    Enjoy our lovely summerdays!

  2. Ohhhhh.. I love it… Ahhh… I hope you will hear from her soon…
    cross my fingers!!

  3. Barbara on 02 juli 2009 at 23:26 said:

    What a lovely pincushion…..hope you hear from your swap partner soon…..hate to think that this lovely is lost.

  4. Cute..Cute…Cute… do hope it finds it’s way OK Marica.

  5. Very sweet … I hope it reached it’s destination safely.


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